Our Business Idea

THINKING OF YOU business concept is a (playful) brand of casual basic lifestyle products. brings vitality to you and the world. Go through a fun sustainability experience!

Offering quality products at great value in a sustainable way, Thinking Of You has grown from founding the Parfun Group in 1956 to progressing as an OEM-ODM manufacturer of textiles and accessories. body Until becoming a world leader in Textiles today.

Presidents, CEOs, and Designers challenge sustainability concepts with a rigorous focus on development and production. This collection is known for being sustainable-simple-affordable-modern-stylish.

Techniques for weaving according to body size - garment dyeing - printing and various details on clothing and skin care products.

The brand launched in 2024 with a branch in Siam Premium Outlet as the first luxury premium outlet in Thailand. Experience the classic quality and fun experience of the brand from the beginning.

Our Culture

We believe in working together to advance across industries. Support the textile industry and renewable products to achieve net zero climate impact. Continuously implementing the Company SDGs policy with fairness and equality by has a positive impact on the future of our planet and future generations.

  • Our story

    We started as a giant OEM-ODM clothing company from Japan. Founded in 1956, we have grown as an apparel manufacturer for famous Japanese, European, and American brands for over 50 years. We have become a family of brands offering apparel and design to customers around the world.

    Our history 
  • Our inspiration and change

    It all started with the president of Parfun transforming the factory immediately after the COVID-19 situation resolved to take responsibility for the world and people to have a better quality of life. As one of the major textile manufacturers We want the textile industry to develop sustainably.

    Our values 
  • Our brand and sustainability strategy

    We raise awareness of sustainability among a wide range of people. Create a space for the general public to have experiences in solving social, environmental, and world problems in a fun way that is not too academic.

    Our brand-sustainability