Our brand and sustainability strategy

We raise awareness of sustainability among a wide range of people. Create a space for the general public to have experiences in solving social, environmental, and world problems in a fun way that is not too academic.

Why sustainability is important to us


It must be said that it is an attempt to revolutionize the clothing industry. Traditionally, this industry generated enormous amounts of waste each year. We want to change our goal of reducing waste generation to zero. They use mainly sustainable materials such as recycled yarn. cotton yarn card This includes using regularly ordered fabric to make new products rather than throwing them away. To reduce waste generation as much as possible

This is a very challenging goal. But we think it's inevitable. Because if we don't start doing something One day the world will move to a point where nothing can be fixed. Experts predict that it will be around 2030. By that time, even if you want to change anything, it will already be too late.

In Japan and many European countries, awareness of the importance of sustainable business practices is very important. In Thailand, although there are still some it is considered that there is a continuously increasing trend.

We will change our perspective. Previously, using environmentally friendly items was often expensive. But our products use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. The price will not be higher than products using ordinary materials. It's at an affordable price level. and has good quality comparable to world-class brands

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Goals, inspiration and brand building guidelines.

Our goal is to Raise awareness of sustainability among a wide range of people. Create a space for the general public to have experience in solving problems of society, the environment, and the world. With fun, not too academic

I have to ask you to tell me exactly that. our products It won't be a cheap product like flea market clothes. The prices are set at a level similar to department store brands. Due to production costs and material costs, We can guarantee that it is of the same quality as world-famous brands.

which if we look at sustainability and long-term savings Branded clothes that we have worn 20 times It's worth more than flea market clothes that we wear only 1-2 times. This does not include the value of the soul. and a better personality from wearing clothes that are well-designed and produced. Is it true?

Since this brand is a brand created from the factory. We are therefore able to control production from the upstream to the downstream. And most importantly, we can choose the main material, which is cloth, freely. Can reduce costs for middlemen. and put that cost fully into the material cost This results in a sustainable product, and of good quality, but the price is not higher than general products.

Besides we have a fabric factory. and has its garment factory We also have experts in developing products from famous Japanese brands. And there is also a famous Japanese designer joining the team. Plus a team of new Thai people Both in the production section and marketing come together to work hard until it becomes a product in this brand

In addition to general marketing As a clothing brand We will deliver knowledge about clothing and dressing to people who are beginning to have an interest in dressing. or personality improvement As a result, it will easily make you a good-looking person without having to spend money on expensive brand name clothes. Which I will gradually make clips to release continuously.

I myself am still not perfect. But if you compare me today with me 20 years ago. People around me will know that I look much better than before. And this good thing, I personally think, is because Knowledge about the principles of dressing that I have learned over the course of more than 10 years working in this industry. I'm going to take everything I know about dressing. including self development

I believe that if you know this You will become a better person in many ways. There will be more happiness in life. And when you're ready Let's help each other think. Let's help each other for the sake of this world.

People grow by learning new things. "We want to create a society of learning and sharing through this clothing brand."

Why use sustainable materials.

Does everyone know that 2030 or the next 6 years is the year that academics call "the dividing line" meaning that if humans do not adjust their lives and continue to destroy nature like this Once beyond that point, there is no turning back. Or can you fix anything anymore?

For this reason, we, as a major player in the clothing industry, So we want to start changing ourselves. Do what we can and deliver this concept of sustainability to a wide range of people to be aware of environmental problems. And come together to solve the world's problems with fun. And there is no need to try or be too patient. To do something for this world

Currently, we can see that European countries Including Japan, place great emphasis on sustainable business practices. In addition, in the automobile industry, it will be seen that sales of cars that use electric energy skyrocketed greatly Its sales have surpassed many brands of gasoline-powered cars.

From now on, I believe that every industry will focus more on sustainability. We, as one of the leaders in the clothing industry, would like to disrupt ourselves. By changing business practices By adhering to the principles of sustainability in developing and producing new products.

Our products are made from only sustainable materials, such as recycled yarn where unused fabric is processed into new fibers and woven into new fabric again, or cotton car yarn. which reduces waste in the process of combing fibers by up to 15%, including using good quality fabric left over from regular orders to develop into new products instead of throwing them away, etc.

Many of you may already know that Recycling these materials to bring them back to life again has higher production costs than normal production. As a result, many times products made from recycled materials are more expensive than general products.

But because we are a brand that comes directly from the factory. Therefore, we can cut out the cost of the middleman. and use the budget to add to the cost of materials Plus cooperation from many supplier partners. Therefore, we can make the product price at the same level as clothing that uses general materials.

How to move this industry forward.

The apparel industry has always been growing tremendously. We've seen the rapid growth of Japanese brands like Uniqlo, Mujirushi, and Ryohin, and European brands like Zara and H&M expanding their presence around the world. And even during Covid, these brands are still expanding their online market by leaps and bounds.

+But what follows is These fast fashion products create a pattern where people buy clothes and wear them only 1 or 2 times. And then I don't wear it again. By turning our attention to new trendy clothes Then I bought them and wore them only once or twice as before. When you accumulate a lot One day I had to clean up things in the house. These clothes will become trash. This cycle never ends.

But we have a goal to be the one to end this cycle.

We choose to use materials based on sustainability principles. The simple explanation is 1. Reduce waste generation 2. Reduce waste that has already been generated. 3. Design products that emphasize long-lasting use and can be worn on many occasions. Most of the products are designed to be able to be worn together. So that even people who don't have a background in fashion can easily dress and look good.

In the business of contract manufacturing for other brands, known as OEM, the factory must produce and use materials as specified by the customer brand. But because this brand is a brand from the factory itself, Therefore, we can choose sustainable materials. Including being able to design and choose to develop products independently.

Of course, at present, income from OEM business is still our main income. and has an incomparably higher proportion than the sales of own brand products. But we hope that shortly we get good feedback from consumers. The income from this channel will increase so that we can do something for society. and for the world, this can be many times more.

Today, what we will deliver to society is Passing on the idea of sustainability awareness to a wide range of people Through the products that we have developed We believe that doing something for the world should not require tiring effort. But it should be done with fun so that it can be continued for a long time. It's like running a marathon. It's not like running a hundred meters and then finishing.

We think that no matter how tiring 100 people are trying to save the world, Didn't get the same results. 100,000 people who help save the world a little, each in a fun way. We will be a part of pushing this issue to 100,000 people.

Our brand.

The newly launched brand is called "THINKING OF YOU" The word "YOU" here has a broader meaning than the usual meaning. It refers to customers who use the product. It refers to important people who buy products to give as gifts. It refers to Environment means the world and it means many other things.

The concept of the brand is sustainability or sustainability. We want to join in solving social and world problems in a fun way. To reach a wide variety of people Accessible to people of all genders and ages. To gradually raise awareness of sustainability among individuals, the goal has been achieved.

The products released will be clothing and items. Focusing mainly on minimalist style. which can be worn on many occasions We will use the same quality materials as world-class brands. But what is special is that the materials we use must also be based on the concept of sustainability.

I believe that nowadays everyone has clothing brands that I like. But if there's a chance I wanted to check out Thinking Of You's products as a starting point in realizing sustainability. Let's come together to solve world problems in a fun way.

Now the Thinking Of You brand has 1 branch at Siam Premium Outlet near Suvarnabhumi Airport. There is an online store named Thinking of You Asia printed together. which will post the link again

If anyone is interested, go check out the cool items. in the concept of sustainability and new fabric innovations Or you can stop by and say hello. We believe that quality will never let you down.