Collection: Washable Silk & Rayon

Washable Silk

Silk is known as It is called the "Queen of Natural Fibers" because it has better hygroscopic, water-absorbing, and moisture-distributing properties than other natural fibers such as cotton and linen.
for the special properties of the fabric A special process is used to create silk that is washable (=difficult to shrink even after washing) with a thick texture and excellent texture.

Silk, which is animal fiber, can be produced in a biomass recycling cycle. We brought the raw materials Eri silk (produced in Thailand) and mulberry silk (produced in China).

We offer two types of silk:

[Eri silk]
・Silkworms are generally separated into local silkworms called "mulberry silk", which have a shiny luster used to make neckties, and "wild silkworms" called "wild silk", with "Eri silk" being one of them. Wild silkworm"
・Has a soft, fluffy texture and a gentle shine.
・There are many holes inside the fibers. So it's light and absorbs water well. and soft touch
・Has a high UV Cut rate and also protects against bacteria which is a hallmark of "wild silkworms".

[Mulberry silk]
General silk with the highest production and sales volume Grows by eating mulberry leaves.