Collection: REBORN COTTON Material (OE Recycled Cotton)

Reborn Cotton is cotton fiber that is produced from leftover fabric scraps from the garment sewing process.

The fabric scraps from cutting are beaten into new fibers. It has been cleaned and then blended. Made into yarn for weaving again. Create a life cycle for scrap fabric. Come back to life again

With the theme of creating new fibers We offer 3 different fabric types as follows:

[Materials that are SDGs]

Use OE cotton yarn. Made from fabric scraps from the garment manufacturing process (made in India) to reduce the amount of waste that is released from the garment manufacturing industry. It was originally said to create a huge amount of waste released into the world. In addition, the fibers that we choose to use are Open-End Sai Yai which reduces the production of fibers Makes it save energy. Reduce CO2 emissions as well.

The fabric is rougher than normal cotton fibers. It is unique and unique. It is a material that will overthrow the old requirements that Fibers that are newly forged from scraps of cloth. Unable to produce fabric that can actually be used

[A truly sustainable material that uses Parfun Group's waste fabric, cut, spun, woven and sewn.]

Mixed fibers of recycled and virgin cotton are spun into card yarn. And the fabric is woven into a round bag, reducing fabric loss. It is therefore a truly sustainable material designed to reduce waste in every process.

[100% recycled fiber material that can be certified by GRS]

The highlight is the spun yarn with channels inside that give it a vintage American ruffled style. The raw material is scraps from cutting 100% organic cotton (made in India) and beaten into fibers. Can receive GRS certification It is a global recycling certification system.