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ECOVELO is a viscose fiber material created using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Only materials that pass the strict screening criteria of "EU Ecolabel Certification" are certified as LENZING™ ECOVERO™.

Hemp is a plant in the Cannabaceae family. belonging to the Cannabis family

Cannabis is divided into four main types: flax, ramie, hemp, and jute.

The fabric has good breathability. Highly resilient It is durable and highly water resistant. Has good odor prevention properties. and has quick drying properties Hemp is a plant that has been with Thai society for a long time. The fibers have been woven into local fabrics for a long time. But traditional woven fabrics have limitations in that the fabric is stiff. Not comfortable when worn
But the innovation that we present this time Has brought hemp fiber Blended together with ECOVERO fibers The result is a blended fiber that is many times softer than before. Those interested can come try and experience the real fabric at our shop.

In addition Hemp. There are also Sustainability highlights as follows:
• Compared to cotton Hemp uses less water because it grows only with rainwater and natural sunlight.
• Harvested materials can be used almost 100% without wastage.
• During growth, photosynthesis takes place and absorbs CO2. A lot from the atmosphere It can be planted 2 times per year, so the amount of absorption is doubled.
• growing very fast It is also said to grow faster than weeds.
• In growing cotton, a lot of pesticides are used. But hemp has Resistant to pests Therefore there is no need to use pesticides and fertilizers.
• Can be grown in all climates, including cool and humid, hot and humid.
• Because it can be planted with other rotating crops. Therefore, it can reduce the environmental burden caused by growing monoculture crops.
• Controls soil pests such as nematodes and increases the yield of crops grown accordingly.
• Because the roots are deep and spread throughout the soil. The soil will swell when harvested.

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