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Hemp is a plant in the Cannabaceae family. belonging to the Cannabis family

Cannabis is divided into four main types: flax, ramie, hemp, and jute.

The fabric has good breathability. Highly resilient It is durable and highly water resistant. It has high anti-odor properties and is easy to dry.

● Sustainability:

• Compared to cotton Hemp uses less water because it grows only with rainwater and natural sunlight.

• Harvested materials can be used almost 100% without wastage.

• During growth there is photosynthesis and absorption of CO2. A lot from the atmosphere It can be planted 2 times per year, so the absorption amount is doubled.

• Grow very fast. It is also said to grow faster than weeds.

•In growing cotton, a lot of pesticides are used. But hemp is Resistant to pests Therefore there is no need to use pesticides and fertilizers.

• Can be grown in all climates, including cool and humid, hot and humid.

• Because it can be planted with other rotational crops. Therefore, it can reduce the environmental burden caused by growing monoculture crops.

• Controls soil pests such as nematodes and increases the yield of crops grown accordingly.

• Because the roots are deep and spread throughout the soil. The soil will swell when harvested.

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