Our Business Idea

Thinking Of You's business concept is a (playful) brand of casual basic lifestyle products. brings vitality to you and the world. Go through a fun sustainability experience!

Offering quality products at great value in a sustainable way, Thinking Of You has grown from founding the Parfun Group in 1956 to progressing as an OEM-ODM manufacturer of textiles and accessories. body Until becoming a world leader in Textiles today.

Presidents, CEOs, and Designers challenge sustainability concepts with a rigorous focus on development and production. This collection is known for being sustainable-simple-affordable-modern-stylish.

Techniques for weaving according to body size - garment dyeing - printing and various details on clothing and skin care products.

The brand launched in 2024 with a branch in Siam Premium Outlet as the first luxury premium outlet in Thailand. Experience the classic quality and fun experience of the brand from the beginning.